Inslogic 3D Model Astronauts
Inslogic 3D Model Astronauts


Inslogic 3D Model Astronauts

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Files:2 STL
  • Total time: 6h 30m on resin printers
  • Model height: 96.86 mm
  • Material: all Inslogic resin
  • Total weight: 141.0 g


  • Available to download immediately.

Welcome aboard a thrilling voyage of exploration and discovery among the stars with Inslogic Astronauts.

Our Inslogic astronauts are not just cool but also downright captivating. Each model features lifelike details and a sleek space suit design adds extra charm.

These digital artworks are designed to spark your creativity. Whether you're crafting a futuristic scene, building a collection of miniatures, or diving into the marvels of space exploration, these models are your portal to the cosmos.

*Print these 3D models with Inslogic resin.