Inslogic 3D Model Hand Shovel
Inslogic 3D Model Hand Shovel
Inslogic 3D Model Hand Shovel


Inslogic 3D Model Hand Shovel

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Files:2 STL
  • Total time: 11h 12m on resin printers, 3h 33m on FDM printers
  • Model height: 273.14 mm
  • Material: Recommend functional material
  • Total weight: 138.1 grams resin, 67.09 grams filament


  • Available to download immediately.

Elevate your garden and beach activities with our versatile 3D printable hand shovel. Perfect for planting or building sandcastles, this tool features depth markers for precise, consistent measurements. We also offer a hand shovel STL model without measurements; feel free to scale it up or down to fit your practical needs.

Print it using Inslogic Tough Resin or Nylon-like resin for durability, or choose our ASA filament for excellent outdoor performance. Print your own tools at home and make gardening and beach fun more convenient. Ideal for children, parents, and friends, this shovel adds joy and practicality to any outdoor adventure. Start your next project with a print that's tough and reliable!