Passion for High-Resolution 3D Printing

Passion for High-Resolution 3D Printing

Explore the journey of Thomas Morgenstern, a self-taught artist known as MorgensternPrinting on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, with hundreds of thousands of followers. Overcoming challenges, he mastered resin 3D printing, emphasizing experimentation and innovation. Join us to be inspired by his triumphs in entertainment and education within the world of 3D printing.
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Join us as we go behind the scenes, unravel the journey of this talented individual, exploring the challenges faced and triumphs achieved on the path to becoming a recognized influencer, Thomas Morgenstern, known as MorgensternPrinting on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. He has hundreds of thousands of followers across various social media platforms.

As a self-taught artist, Thomas believes that the best way to reach a high level of quality prints is to experiment, try new things, and see what happens. Now he not only has mastered the craft but has also found innovative ways to entertain and educate through the world of 3D printing, especially resin 3D printing. Get ready to be inspired.

Q1: What sparked your interest in 3D printing, especially resin 3D printing?

"I started 3D printing because I have been a minis wargame player for 25 years, and I was intrigued by the idea of printing my own models and scenery. I began with an FDM printer during Covid and was very impressed by the quality and precision it offered for printing miniatures, in particular. Then, I came across a Kickstarter project for a complete range of miniatures that could be printed on an LCD printer. I was very curious about this technology and why it could produce miniatures in a way I could not achieve with an FDM printer. I bought my first Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, and the world of resin printing opened up for me for the rest of my life!"

Q2: What specifically attracts you to resin 3D printing over other technologies like FDM?

"The precision, quality, and speed of this technology always fascinate me. With a Master's degree in chemistry, the process of photopolymerization is much more attractive to me than filament melting. I am also continually surprised by all the new features emerging in resin printing and the algorithms associated with these new machines. I can't wait to test all the new products."

3D Printed Headphones (Thomas Morgenstern)3D Printed headphones

Q3: What advantages of resin printing do you find particularly compelling or exciting?

"Extreme detail printing and high-speed printing are the most interesting aspects of resin printing for me. When I see the possibilities and the levels that can be reached with all the latest machines on the market, I can only dream about the next products that will come in the next years!"

Q4: Were there any specific challenges you faced while learning resin printing, and how did you overcome them?

"Resin breakage at the beginning was the biggest issue for me due to incorrect cleaning and hollowing processes. When I started, I faced a lot of resin breaks, especially with the Water Washable resins. I tried to find correct explanations and answers on forums, educational content, software manuals, and blogs, but I barely found any. However, I never stopped trying and kept testing it myself. Finally, I succeeded."

Q5: You've created a lot of interesting content related to 3D printing. What motivates or inspires you to share your journey with others?

"I enjoy sharing creations of different types. My favorite content to share is ASMR support removal because I invest a lot of effort in optimizing resin parameters and support settings. It is incredibly satisfying when supports are removed without any trace, revealing a beautifully printed, highly detailed model underneath. While I also love presenting new products, testing, or comparing products, my primary passion still lies in mini painting."

Q6: Your social media following suggests that many people are interested in your work. How did you go about building and engaging your audience?

"Just be myself and don’t invent a character for social media. All my product tests and reviews are honest and reliable; therefore, it is more interesting for people to trust my opinion and advice when there is no 'bad surprise’."

Q7: For those looking to start their journey in 3D printing, what advice or tips would you offer, based on your own experiences?

"Start small and take it slowly. In the beginning, focus on machine settings and resin tests, even if it's a bit challenging. Going through these steps will help you understand resin printing and how it works."

Thomas Morgenstern

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Q8: Are there any common misconceptions about 3D printing that you'd like to address or clarify?

"The concept of a 'shared resin profile' doesn’t exist. You cannot apply the same profile to two different machines (even if they are the same model) for a resin because the parameters need to be adjusted for various factors: temperature, build plate degradation, VAT film type, VAT film degradation, VAT film assembly (tension), type of supports used, resin age, power of the light, and so on."

Q9: In your opinion, what do you see as the future trends or developments in the field of 3D printing, especially resin printing?

"Dual-color resin or metallic resin has just started to be released and will appear on the market soon. The speed of the machine will continue to progress, reducing printing time more and more, and automation of tasks will become a future standard (auto-leveling, failure detection, auto-check, etc.)."

Q10: How do you think 3D printing will continue to evolve, and what excites you most about its potential?

"I hope that one day resin will be cleaner and less toxic for users, and the environmental impact will decrease. Perhaps a solution to recycle supports or cleaning solutions will appear."

Thomas has shared all his tests and tutorials with detailed explanations for beginners and advanced printers on his social media plateforms so that whoever faces the same issues and need help can find suggested solutions.