Inslogic 3D Model Dragon Bust
Inslogic 3D Model Dragon Bust


Inslogic 3D Model Dragon Bust

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Files:1 STL
  • Total time: 6h 51m on resin printers
  • Model height: 81.72 mm
  • Material: all Inslogic resin
  • Total weight: 132.4 g


  • Available to download immediately.

To many would-be knights and dragon slayers, a dragon is the ultimate victory trophy. The dragon, guardian of ancient secrets and symbol of untamed power, stands as a testament to centuries of wisdom and battles fought.

Here, we present to you the Inslogic Dragon Bust, featuring intricate details, from the rugged texture of its scales to the fierce determination etched into its features. Let this dragon be the centerpiece of your collection and turn this digital artwork into a vivid reality.

*Print these 3D models with Inslogic resin.